Congratulations, you did it! After years of hard work, you have finally reached the finish line. I know it wasn't an easy journey - there were times you wanted to give up, times when you were buried under assignments and deadlines, and times when the end seemed impossibly far away. As a photographer who understand the true essence of this moment and have had the privilege of capturing the memories of many graduates, I know how important it is to create a photos that not only celebrate your achievements but make them one for the future. I seek to immortalize all your efforts, and we'll work together to create memories you can look back at with joy. Let's create an experience you'll never forget. 


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(Please read the FAQs below before you proceed with the booking process)

If you have any issues with the booking link, kindly reach out to me through email at or on Whatsapp on 0265255505.

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1. How many images does each package come with?

- The individual package comes with 10 or 20 edited images.

- Each group package comes with 8 edited images for each individual booking, and 4 group photos. Alternatively, if no group photos are desired, then this can be rolled over for 2-3 individual images for each person.

2. Can I have my graduation shoot before the actual graduation day?

- Yes! This is actually encouraged as this would allow for ample timing to get all desired shots and photos before the stress and hassle of the actual graduation day.

3. Will my booking be held if I book in advance?

- Yes it will. This is a first-come-first-serve booking system, so your slot will be reserved once payment has been made. Full payment is required to complete your booking.

4. How does the group package work?

- This essentially allows you to book graduation shoots with fellow graduates with the aim of doing your shoot together or reducing overall cost for each individual booking.

- For each group booking, graduates will be presented with an online gallery, 8-10 edited images, and 4 group images. 

- Alternatively, if graduates booking the group packages do not desire to have group images included, this can be rolled over for 2-3 images for each person in the group.

5. How long is the shooting time for the group package?

- Ideally, 20 minutes for each person in the group package, though this can be done in a shorter time if we get the shots we need in quicker time.

6. If I book the individual package, can I include my family members in the shoot?

- Yes this will be permitted. There will be an allowance for 3 additional images at no extra cost if family is included in the shoot.

7. If I book the group package, can I include my family members in the images?

- Yes, you will be permitted to have your family members in the shoot, provided these images can be captured within the allotted time of 15 minutes for shooting for each person in the group package.

8. Do I have any advantage booking the individual package over the group package?

- You would have more shooting time to try out a host of images ideas provided by Gus, priority image turnaround and increased number of images.

9. Do I have any advantage booking the group package over the individual package?

- You would have a reduced cost booking the group packages with fellow graduates.

10. Are there props available for my shoot?

- There will be a range of props available for rent for your shoot. The catalogue for props to be will be provided in the final link sent to your email/whatsapp after booking.

11. Do I get to select the photos I want edited from my shoot?

- Yes, all clients are permitted to select the images they want edited from the shoot through a proofing site that will be sent within 24 hours after your shoot.

- Alternatively, with permission, Gus will select the best images to edit and send through to you.

12. Will Gus be shooting me himself on the day of graduation?

- There is a possibility that Gus will shoot everybody who has booked on graduation day. However, a high volume of bookings could mean that you will be shot by someone on Gus’ team on that day. Please do note that all personnel on his team are meticulously trained and thus, you will be assured of the best quality images for your shoot.

13. What payment options are available?

- You can make payment with mobile money, bank transfer, or through a tethered crypto currency (USDT). 

- Full payment details will be provided in your final invoice that would be sent through your email and/or your whatsapp.

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Don't take my word for it, hear from some of my golden graduates themselves.

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